Every single day CF families struggle and suffer with basic daily survival needs due to the complications of living with CF. 


Although modern medicine has advanced, allowing those with CF to live longer, they battle more than ever to live stronger.  


Years of lung infections, antibiotics, steroids, daily treatments, surgeries, and stress can be an overwhelming burden physically, emotionally, and financially, for those with CF and their families.


What most people take for granted, CF families may struggle with their entire life, such as:


  • Loss of income due to long-term hospitalizations can often lead to risk of eviction.

  • Sleeping countless nights in the hospital, instead of in their own bed.

  • Preparing for the inevitability of an organ transplant.

  • Paying their electric bill to keep their medications refrigerated and their breathing treatments going.

  • Being able to afford automobile repairs that are vital for transportation back and forth to the hospital.

  • Simply putting food on the table for their children.

  • Paying for funeral expenses after the loss of their loved one.

Give thanks for all that you have and help people with CF TODAY!

Everyday... Every breath... Every dollar counts!!!

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